Monday, April 14, 2014

Respiratory System

Hello Readers,
Recently, I have learned about the Respiratory System.

The function of the lungs is to transport clean, filtered and moistened air to the blood cells in your body. Plus, the lungs allow air in and out of the body.  The lungs are responsible for inhaling oxygen and nutrients and exhaling carbon dioxide and waste.

The Respiratory System helps the body by transferring air to the blood cells in your body.  It is import ant that your body gets oxygen and nutrients, but it also needs to get rid of carbon dioxide. The Respiratory System is responsible for allowing oxygen and nutrients into the body and forcing carbon dioxide out of your body.  The Respiratory System also cleans, filters and moistens the air that you inhale.

First the air travels through the nasal passage or the mouth, the nasal passage is where the air gets filtered, cleaned and moistened. Then, air travels through the larynx. Then, air goes through the trachea and through the bronchi. The bronchi then branch off into bronchiole.after that the air sits in the alveoli until it gets picked up by a red blood cell.

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