Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Excretory System

Hello readers,
Recently, I have been learning about the excretory system.  I have learned that the excretory system helps the body in many ways. The main way that the excretory system helps the body is that it gets rid of liquid waste such as urine or carbon dioxide, but it also absorbs the nutrients that your body needs such as oxygen which you breath in the air . If we kept all of this waste stored in our body, then the waste could actually kill us. When you sweat, the excretory system is doing its work. When you sweat, your body is not only cooling you down, but it is also getting rid of waste that your body doesn't need.

I also learned about the organs in the excretory system. One of the organs is the bladder.  The bladder stores urine. Another organ is your kidneys. The left kidney and the right kidney both help remove waste.  The liver is an organ that makes chemicals to break down fats.  The lungs are an organ that bring oxygen into your body and send carbon dioxide out of the body using respiration. The skin is very important because it protects our bodies.
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