Sunday, February 9, 2014

Evidence of Changes

Do you believe Cole has changed? We’ve asked this question many, many times. Now there is new evidence. Have you changed your mind about Cole yet? If he has changed, what do you think will happen next for Cole?

I believe that Cole has changed because he is able to control his anger and he isn't accusing anybody anymore. I think that Cole might have been changing from after he was mauled by the spirit bear. I think that Cole might have a chance to think about what he has done wrong and apologize though people would probably not believe him after all of the lying that he has done.


  1. I like that you say that Cole is not accusing people anyone anymore. Why do you think that Cole is not accusing people anymore?

  2. i think that you did a very great job on your post because you told what has happened to Cole and the Spirit Bear. I think that the word you put into your post are really good, that is what makes it really good. Do you think that Cole will become more nicer.

  3. Briana, I agree with you that the mauling played a big part in his change. I think that all the other things include the soaking and pushing himself.