Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Parents #2

How have your feelings about Cole (or his family) changed? Do you feel differently about Cole now that you’ve read more? Does he really deserve this harsh punishment? Do you think his parents deserve to be punished? Why or why not?

I think now that Cole still deserves to be punished, but now I think his parents should have a punishment too. I think this because of what they used to do to Cole. Cole's dad would beat him too harshly and then Cole's mom wouldn't do anything about it. Now that I've read more, I think that Cole sort of copy's his dad's actions, because you have to look up to your elders, and if you get used to these actions you do that too as part of growing up. I still think Cole should think about his actions, because it is not okay to beat somebody until they start bleeding and until six people hold you back.

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