Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Circle of Abuse

How can Cole break the cycle of abuse? Or do you think it’s even possible? 

At first I would think that Cole might abuse his kids like his parents did to him, but now I think that he is changing with the circle justice. I don't think jail would change Cole's actions because it's just locking him up in some big place with a bunch of other people which will probably make him feel more neglected than he already is.


  1. I like that you said that Cole can change. Why do you think he is changing?

  2. Briana I think you did a really great job thinking about what Cole is feeling and what happened. I do think the same thing about Cole treating his kids the same way that Cole's parent did to. I liek you thinking.

  3. Briana, I also think that maybe when Cole has kids maybe he will treat them like his parents treated him. I kind of disagree with you, I think that Circle justice is not changing Cole.

  4. Briana,
    I remember in the book it said that Cole was just doing circle justice to get out of jail so I don't think that circle justice is changing him. I think that your writing is good but you could add a little more writing. Do you like this book at all or do you hate this book and do not want to read more?
    Your Friend,