Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Author

Hello readers, 
What did the author do well in the last chapters you read? Use multiple quotes from the text to discuss the author’s craft - that is, exactly how did the author do a great job of building that picture in your mind?

I think that the author is very descriptive when he says "A bitter lonliness swept over Cole as tears clouded his vision. He felt so small here, puked up on a remote foregotten shore and left to die. Was this how the world was going to get rid of him?" I think this quote is descriptive because it shows how Cole really feels. I also think that this quote is descriptive "The sight of the baby birds irritated Cole. Without his injuries, he could easily have crawled up and knocked the nest down. That's what the stupid birds deserved" I think this quote is descriptive because it also shows what Cole really feel instead of his usual lies.


  1. Briana you did a very awesome job on this post because you told a lot of good things. Do you really think that there is a real spirit bear? Do you want more action in the next couple of chapters. I wonder if you are really into spirit bears because they seem so dangerous. I really like you post awesome job!!!!!!!!!

  2. @ Briana, Why did you put the quote "The sight of the baby birds irritated Cole." Why did you choose that exact quote? How is it descriptive?

  3. I like that you have descriptive words from the book. Why did the author say that Cole was left on the island to die?