Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spirit Bears

In class we wondered if spirit bears are real or not. Is there such a thing as a spirit bear? Do some research on your own about these bears. Write a post in which you share what you learn.

I found some info on spirit bears on and I made a web with the info on it. I also went to a website I learned that the Spirit Bear is actually called a Kermode Bear. I learned that the Kermode Bear's scientific name is Ursus americanus kermodeiKermode Bears live in coastal rain forests on the islands off British Columbia's coast. They eat plants berries and mostly salmon. I think that this shows why the Spirit Bear in the book didn't eat or try to eat Cole.


  1. I think that your blog is excellent because you give us a picture and you give us some info in your own words. I think you can give us some info about the natives info,.

  2. I like that you are talking about a kermode bear that is called a spirit bear. Why is the kermode bear's coat white?

  3. Man Briana I really like your work because you did a lot of good work, I also like what you found about the spirit bear. I also like the picture that you put on your post. Do you really truely think that the Spirit Bear is real.