Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Digestive System

Hello Readers,
Recently, I have been learning about the digestive system which is part of an anatomy.  I learned about the important organs in the digestive system. The mouth, the esophagus, the stomach the small intestine and the large intestine.  I learned the important functions of these organs too. The mouth chews the food into smaller pieces with the tongue helping move the food around and using the saliva from the salivary glands . The esophagus pushes the food down to the stomach. The stomach has acids in it that breaks down the food into a liquid, with the liver helping to make the chemicals to help break down fats and get rid of harmful substances. The small intestine takes the nutrients that the body needs such as protein or sugar, to make energy. The large intestine carries out the waste that our body doesn’t need and absorbs water.

I learned that the digestive system is important to your body because it absorbs the nutrients that the body needs from the food. Then, the digestive system removes the waste that is not needed. This is important because we cannot store much waste inside our body. The digestive system is what makes digestion in your body.

I learned how food travels through the digestive system as well. First it travels through the mouth which chews it up into smaller pieces. Then the food goes down the esophagus which brings it down to the stomach. In the stomach, acids turn the food to a liquid and then it travels down into the small intestine.  In the small intestine nutrients are absorbed from the food. Then it enters the large intestine which carries out the waste from the leftover food. Then the leftovers go out the anus. Most of your digestive system is located in your abdomen.

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