Thursday, January 30, 2014


Do you believe Cole? Do you think he is changing, finally? What would you be saying to the circle if you were Cole? What about his parents? Can you imagine being them? How do you feel about the verdict? Do you think that the circle has made the right choice, or not? Why?

 I believe Cole because he has seemed to have change his feelings about different after he got mauled. I think that Cole finally is changing. I actually don't know what I would say to the circle if I were Cole. I think his parents have also noticed more about what they're doing. I think that Cole's mom has made the most change after the mauling. I think that the circle shouldn't send Cole to jail because one way you can tell that somebody is telling a lie, is by if they are sticking to that response. If somebody said one thing that they did, but then they say something else, you know that they are lying, where Cole was sticking to this response so I know he was telling the truth.

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