Thursday, January 30, 2014


Do you believe Cole? Do you think he is changing, finally? What would you be saying to the circle if you were Cole? What about his parents? Can you imagine being them? How do you feel about the verdict? Do you think that the circle has made the right choice, or not? Why?

 I believe Cole because he has seemed to have change his feelings about different after he got mauled. I think that Cole finally is changing. I actually don't know what I would say to the circle if I were Cole. I think his parents have also noticed more about what they're doing. I think that Cole's mom has made the most change after the mauling. I think that the circle shouldn't send Cole to jail because one way you can tell that somebody is telling a lie, is by if they are sticking to that response. If somebody said one thing that they did, but then they say something else, you know that they are lying, where Cole was sticking to this response so I know he was telling the truth.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Tlingit People

Please share some research regarding the Tlingit People. Also, please make sure to comment on the work of others.

I went on to and I found a quote "Tlingit people believe that all life is of equal value..." there is more about this if you use this link. I learned that mostly the Tlingit people want respect for others and other things. they are an Alaskan tribe with great responsibilities and they hope to make the world a better place. Tlingit people belive that everything should be treated equally. Tlingit people don't tolerate misuse of items. Tlingit people don't use greetings like hello or goodbye. I think you should read Jayce's Learning Den because he has some information on Tlingit people and I think he is very descriptive when he says the facts.

Digestive System

Hello Readers,
Recently, I have been learning about the digestive system which is part of an anatomy.  I learned about the important organs in the digestive system. The mouth, the esophagus, the stomach the small intestine and the large intestine.  I learned the important functions of these organs too. The mouth chews the food into smaller pieces with the tongue helping move the food around and using the saliva from the salivary glands . The esophagus pushes the food down to the stomach. The stomach has acids in it that breaks down the food into a liquid, with the liver helping to make the chemicals to help break down fats and get rid of harmful substances. The small intestine takes the nutrients that the body needs such as protein or sugar, to make energy. The large intestine carries out the waste that our body doesn’t need and absorbs water.

I learned that the digestive system is important to your body because it absorbs the nutrients that the body needs from the food. Then, the digestive system removes the waste that is not needed. This is important because we cannot store much waste inside our body. The digestive system is what makes digestion in your body.

I learned how food travels through the digestive system as well. First it travels through the mouth which chews it up into smaller pieces. Then the food goes down the esophagus which brings it down to the stomach. In the stomach, acids turn the food to a liquid and then it travels down into the small intestine.  In the small intestine nutrients are absorbed from the food. Then it enters the large intestine which carries out the waste from the leftover food. Then the leftovers go out the anus. Most of your digestive system is located in your abdomen.

Edwin and Garvey

Please write your opinion on Garvey and Edwin. Compare and contrast these characters with each other.

My opinion about Garvey and Edwin is that they both seem nice, but they can be annoying because with Garvey, I wouldn't like to be called "champ" all the time and I wouldn't like how Edwin is almost always so serious. I think that Garvey might have a harder job than Edwin because Garvey has to try to get naughty kids to be nice while Edwin has more of something like a persuading job.  I think that both Edwin and Garvey are both trying to make the world have nicer people.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spirit Bears

In class we wondered if spirit bears are real or not. Is there such a thing as a spirit bear? Do some research on your own about these bears. Write a post in which you share what you learn.

I found some info on spirit bears on and I made a web with the info on it. I also went to a website I learned that the Spirit Bear is actually called a Kermode Bear. I learned that the Kermode Bear's scientific name is Ursus americanus kermodeiKermode Bears live in coastal rain forests on the islands off British Columbia's coast. They eat plants berries and mostly salmon. I think that this shows why the Spirit Bear in the book didn't eat or try to eat Cole.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Author

Hello readers, 
What did the author do well in the last chapters you read? Use multiple quotes from the text to discuss the author’s craft - that is, exactly how did the author do a great job of building that picture in your mind?

I think that the author is very descriptive when he says "A bitter lonliness swept over Cole as tears clouded his vision. He felt so small here, puked up on a remote foregotten shore and left to die. Was this how the world was going to get rid of him?" I think this quote is descriptive because it shows how Cole really feels. I also think that this quote is descriptive "The sight of the baby birds irritated Cole. Without his injuries, he could easily have crawled up and knocked the nest down. That's what the stupid birds deserved" I think this quote is descriptive because it also shows what Cole really feel instead of his usual lies.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Circle of Abuse

How can Cole break the cycle of abuse? Or do you think it’s even possible? 

At first I would think that Cole might abuse his kids like his parents did to him, but now I think that he is changing with the circle justice. I don't think jail would change Cole's actions because it's just locking him up in some big place with a bunch of other people which will probably make him feel more neglected than he already is.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weather Data

Hello readers,
I have been learning about weather data in science.  I learned that four instruments that meteorologists use to measure weather conditions are, thermometers, anemometers, wind vanes and barometers.  The thermometer is used to tell what temperature it is using degree.  Anemometers are used to tell how strong the wind is. Wind vanes are used to point to which direction that the wind is coming from. Barometers are used for measuring the air pressure. These instruments can also be used to predict the climate.

I also learned what three tools meteorologists use to look for weather patterns and to predict or forecast weather are weather balloons, weather satellites and weather buoys.  These three tools help record weather data and help meteorologists do their job.
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