Friday, December 6, 2013

Why Did He Accept?

Hello readers,
Recently I have read chapters 7, 8 and 9 of the book The Thief Lord.  In chapter 7, Victor (a detective) had realized he had missed Prosper, who was one one of the two boys he was looking for. In chapter 8, Scipio (The Thief Lord) had accepted Barbarossa's request. In chapter 9, during the night Prosper told Hornet about what happened the day before, when the detective chased him and Riccio.

I think this book is great so far and I like how it switches off from Victor's search to the kids and then again from Victor's search and then the kids.  I also think this story is also like Peter Pan because Peter Pan has a group of kids who have run away from home and Victor is sort of like Captain Hook.  Here's a quote from the book, ''Once Victor realized Prosper had gotten away, he kicked the nearest wooden post he could find, sprained his foot - and then hobbled home." I think this quote shows that Victor is very determined to find Prosper and Bo, but he's not very patient. I also think you should read Joey's Blog. I think Joey did a great job describing Victor in his summary.

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  1. Dear Briana,
    I like how you tell what actually happens. But, maybe you can provide some more detail for the people that have not read the book.