Saturday, December 28, 2013

They Trust Her?

Hello readers,
Recently I have read chapters 31 and 32 of the book The Thief Lord.  In chapter 31, Hornet put Bo to sleep so that Prosper wouldn't be upset about Bo coming with them and Hornet didn't have to get sick from being on a boat.  Prosper, Riccio, Mosca, Scipio and Ida (Prosper, Hornet, Bo, Riccio, Mosca and Scipio tried to rob Ida to get the lion's wing for the carousel, but she found them and she wanted to come with them and follow the Conte so she could see the carousel.) had a talk. In chapter 32,  they visited the Conte while Ida stayed back to wait for the others so that they could spy on the Conte.  When the others came back, they climbed into Ida's boat and followed the Conte.

Why would Ida trust the kids who broke into her house? If I were Ida I would have just called the police.  Why do the kids trust Ida?  I wouldn't trust a person who was crazy enough to trust the people who broke into her house.

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