Wednesday, December 11, 2013

They Are In Trouble

Hello readers,
Recently I have read chapters 21 and 22 of the book The Thief Lord.  In chapter 21, the gang (Prosper, Bo, Hornet, Scipio, Riccio and Mosca) tried to get information on the house they were going to break into while Riccio acted like a gentleman to the housekeeper, who let him carry her things into the house. In chapter 22, the gang went into their prisoner's (Victor's) apartment to feed the prisoner's turtle and then the phone rang.  While Hornet acted like Victor's associate, she found out it was Mrs. Hartlieb on the phone and the gang knew they were in trouble.

I really like the suspense in the story and all the mischief that the gang makes and how the gang works together. I like how they all seem to protect each other. I also think you should read Zach's Blog because I think Zach did a great job describing Victor's surprise attack.

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