Thursday, December 26, 2013

Did He Even Think About It?

Hello readers,
Recently I have read chapters 44 and 45 of the book The Thief Lord.  In chapter 44 Renzo (Renzo was the "Conte" and he had taken a ride on the merciful sisters' magical merry-go-round and became a young boy) showed Scipio and Prosper the merry-go-round and Scipio took a few rounds on it.  Then, Scipio was a grown up!  Then, Barbarossa broke onto the island, then, thinking that Scipio was Dottor Massimo, he took a ride on the merry-go-round, broke it and Barbarossa became a child.  In chapter 45, Barbarossa struggles to save himself from Renzo's angry dogs.

I don't understand why Barbarossa is so greedy, but I would understand that with his greediness, many people don't trust him. I am wondering if Prosper ever thought about Bo running away from Esther.  I think you should read the book and I hope I get to see the movie so that I can compare the two because usually movies that are based on the book aren't really the exact same.

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