Sunday, November 10, 2013

Why So Angry?

Hello readers,
Recently I have read two more chapters of the book Peak.  Peak was walking with the sick climbers down to base camp where Josh (Peak's dad) found them.  Josh had come with Zopa! (Zopa had been arrested by Captain Shek) Peak asked Josh why Zopa was there and Josh told him that Zopa and Sun-Jo were able to escape Captain Shek.  When Peak had gotten down to base camp, he called his mom on the satellite phone. Josh had told the rest of group A (his group) that Peak was going to be trying for the summit with them. The following morning, when Peak was getting food from the Mess Tent (the tent where the climbers get food), Peak found out group A was having a private meeting because everyone on the team seemed angry about Peak's summit attempt and him having to go with them to get to the summit.

I don't see why they would be so angry with Peak coming along with them, he's just a kid.  What did Peak do wrong? maybe it's just they think he will slow down the group though.  Here's a quote, "Speak of the devil," the cowboy from Abilene drawled.  I think this quote shows that they don't like the idea of Peak coming along with them to the summit and they're taking it all out on Peak. I also suggest you read Blaise's blog. I think he did a great job with the summary.

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