Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Couldn't He?

Hello readers, 
Recently I've read one more chapter of the book Peak.  Peak was more desperate than Yogi, Yash and Sun-Jo so he started climbing faster up the mountain, but when he was ten feet away from the summit, he stopped and waited for Sun-Jo to go to the summit!  

I don't know why Peak didn't go to the summit himself.  I understand Sun-Jo needed money for his family, but why couldn't Peak just let Sun-Jo borrow part of his money (Sun-Jo broke a record of the youngest climber to summit Everest when he got to the summit).  "Here's a quote from the book, Sun-Jo put his thick gloves together in the Buddhist way and bowed."Thank you Peak. I will not forget this." I think this quote shows Sun-Jo appreciates what Peak did

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