Sunday, November 3, 2013

What's Up With Zopa?

Hello readers,
Recently I just read a few more pages of the book Peak.  Peak was with his dad and Peak's dad had told him he was going to be staying at a hotel by himself until a guy named Zopa would pick Peak up from the hotel. When Zopa's helper Sun-Jo, came by to pick up Peak, Peak cleaned up everything in his hotel room and they both left the hotel on Sun-Jo's motorcycle.  They met Zopa at the temple and then had to leave again. When Sun-Jo and Peak arrived at the hotel again, Zopa was already there! Sun-Jo told Peak tat he would get used to it. After that Zopa, Peak and Sun-Jo went to get some climbing gear for Peak.

I think it's weird how Peak's dad would just leave him for Zopa to take care of.  Peak is his son.

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  1. Hello Briana! I think that you did well telling about what Peak's dad did,and I agree that it is strange that he would do that,but I am sure that he has his reasons.