Tuesday, November 12, 2013

That's So Sneaky

Hello readers,
Recently I have read four more chapters of the book Peak.  Josh (Peak's dad) told Peak that he would have to leave the mountain because nobody wanted Peak there to climb with group A (Josh's group). Peak actually fell for it so when Peak had gotten into the truck with Zopa, he was surprised to get a note from Josh that said was going to be heading up the mountain on a "shortcut" that Zopa knew.  By the time the group (Peak, Zopa, Yogi, Yash and Sun-Jo) had gotten to camp four, Zopa had gotten sick. Peak, Sun-Jo, Yogi and Yash had to leave Zopa behind at camp four with only Yogi and Yash to help Sun-Jo and Peak.

I can't believe Josh would actually trick his own son.  It shouldn't be funny that was serious business plus also making it have to be on his own son.  Here's a quote from the book, "I stared at him in disbelief.  It wasn't a ploy."   I think this quote shows that Peak doesn't know a thing about what Josh is doing even though I think he should though.

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