Friday, November 8, 2013

That Many People?

Hello readers,
Recently I have read two more chapters of the book Peak. Peak had run into Captain Shek (Who is basically a problem to climbers on Everest) and Peak had lied to Captain Shek to save Sun-Jo.  When Zopa, Holly, Sun-Jo and Peak got to camp four, Peak's dad Josh, gave in a call that there were lots of people coming down the mountain because they were sick. Captain Shek had arrested Zopa and Josh got really angry.

I don't see why Captain Shek would arrest Zopa, what did Zopa do wrong? Why were there so many people sick? Don't climbers get to stay away from sick people so they don't get sick? Here's a quote from the book, "Just before dark five climbers (two Germans, three Italians) and their Sherpas stumbled into ABC looking like they had been buried alive." I think this quote shows these people are sick and there's a lot of them. I also suggest you read Zach's blog. I think Zach did a great  job of telling the summary.

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