Thursday, November 14, 2013

He's So In Trouble

Hello readers,
Recently I've read one more chapter of the book Peak. Peak was climbing back down the mountain with Yogi. By the time they got to camp four to see Zopa, Yogi and Peak ran into a soldier and Peak had to talk to Captain Shek who was clearly annoyed with Peak and Josh (Peak's dad).  After Peak's talk with Captain Shek, Josh called and had a talk with Peak.  Josh had said that they would see each other on Peak's way down.  When Yogi and Peak got to Zopa's tent they only found a note that was addressed to Peak! Peak was at ABC (Advanced Base Camp) when he ran into Josh.  Josh and Peak had a long talk and Peak told Josh that he was going to go home (back to New York).  Peak had gotten down to Base Camp when he and Captain Shek had a long talk plus Captain Shek took Peak's camera. on the way to Kathmandu, Peak and Yogi ran into Zopa who wasn't sick anymore.

Captain Shek must have been so angry at Peak whenever Peak started playing with him, I would be angry.  Here's a quote, "But you leave mountain!"  "What are you talking about?"I asked, enjoying myself immensely. "I'm up at Camp Four." I know that Peak dislikes Captain Shek. I think if Peak was enjoying himself, he was probably teasing Captain Shek. I also suggest Joey's blog because I think Joey gave a great description of his thoughts.

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  1. Hi Briana! I loved how you added that Captain Shek interrogated Peak. Why is Captain Shek so mean to people climbing the mountain? By the way, I will be linking to your blog!