Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sorry I Haven't Been on in a While

Hello readers,
Recently I have been doing worksheets instead of books in key time and that is why I have not been on in a while. My group and I had to do worksheets because we weren't doing enough blog posts for our books.  I think that after break I really want to read another book because I love to read, but I don't know if we deserve it.  I think it would be really cool to read another book.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Back To New York

Hello readers,
Recently I have read the last chapter of the book Peak.  Peak had gone back to New York and wanted to be at the twin's party.  When he got there the twins, his mom and Rolf came to greet him. Peak's mom and Peak had a talk in the kitchen, then Holly came in and talked to Peak for a bit.

I think Peak was actually happy to see Holly, though she had been a pain on the mountain. He was obviously happy to see the twins, mom and Rolf too. Here's a quote,  "The two Peas dropped their presents and threw their little arms around my thighs.  Mom was next, then Rolf." I think this quote shows that his family missed him a lot. I also suggest you read Joey's blog. I think he did a great job explaining the twins.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

He's So In Trouble

Hello readers,
Recently I've read one more chapter of the book Peak. Peak was climbing back down the mountain with Yogi. By the time they got to camp four to see Zopa, Yogi and Peak ran into a soldier and Peak had to talk to Captain Shek who was clearly annoyed with Peak and Josh (Peak's dad).  After Peak's talk with Captain Shek, Josh called and had a talk with Peak.  Josh had said that they would see each other on Peak's way down.  When Yogi and Peak got to Zopa's tent they only found a note that was addressed to Peak! Peak was at ABC (Advanced Base Camp) when he ran into Josh.  Josh and Peak had a long talk and Peak told Josh that he was going to go home (back to New York).  Peak had gotten down to Base Camp when he and Captain Shek had a long talk plus Captain Shek took Peak's camera. on the way to Kathmandu, Peak and Yogi ran into Zopa who wasn't sick anymore.

Captain Shek must have been so angry at Peak whenever Peak started playing with him, I would be angry.  Here's a quote, "But you leave mountain!"  "What are you talking about?"I asked, enjoying myself immensely. "I'm up at Camp Four." I know that Peak dislikes Captain Shek. I think if Peak was enjoying himself, he was probably teasing Captain Shek. I also suggest Joey's blog because I think Joey gave a great description of his thoughts.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Couldn't He?

Hello readers, 
Recently I've read one more chapter of the book Peak.  Peak was more desperate than Yogi, Yash and Sun-Jo so he started climbing faster up the mountain, but when he was ten feet away from the summit, he stopped and waited for Sun-Jo to go to the summit!  

I don't know why Peak didn't go to the summit himself.  I understand Sun-Jo needed money for his family, but why couldn't Peak just let Sun-Jo borrow part of his money (Sun-Jo broke a record of the youngest climber to summit Everest when he got to the summit).  "Here's a quote from the book, Sun-Jo put his thick gloves together in the Buddhist way and bowed."Thank you Peak. I will not forget this." I think this quote shows Sun-Jo appreciates what Peak did

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

That's So Sneaky

Hello readers,
Recently I have read four more chapters of the book Peak.  Josh (Peak's dad) told Peak that he would have to leave the mountain because nobody wanted Peak there to climb with group A (Josh's group). Peak actually fell for it so when Peak had gotten into the truck with Zopa, he was surprised to get a note from Josh that said was going to be heading up the mountain on a "shortcut" that Zopa knew.  By the time the group (Peak, Zopa, Yogi, Yash and Sun-Jo) had gotten to camp four, Zopa had gotten sick. Peak, Sun-Jo, Yogi and Yash had to leave Zopa behind at camp four with only Yogi and Yash to help Sun-Jo and Peak.

I can't believe Josh would actually trick his own son.  It shouldn't be funny that was serious business plus also making it have to be on his own son.  Here's a quote from the book, "I stared at him in disbelief.  It wasn't a ploy."   I think this quote shows that Peak doesn't know a thing about what Josh is doing even though I think he should though.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Why So Angry?

Hello readers,
Recently I have read two more chapters of the book Peak.  Peak was walking with the sick climbers down to base camp where Josh (Peak's dad) found them.  Josh had come with Zopa! (Zopa had been arrested by Captain Shek) Peak asked Josh why Zopa was there and Josh told him that Zopa and Sun-Jo were able to escape Captain Shek.  When Peak had gotten down to base camp, he called his mom on the satellite phone. Josh had told the rest of group A (his group) that Peak was going to be trying for the summit with them. The following morning, when Peak was getting food from the Mess Tent (the tent where the climbers get food), Peak found out group A was having a private meeting because everyone on the team seemed angry about Peak's summit attempt and him having to go with them to get to the summit.

I don't see why they would be so angry with Peak coming along with them, he's just a kid.  What did Peak do wrong? maybe it's just they think he will slow down the group though.  Here's a quote, "Speak of the devil," the cowboy from Abilene drawled.  I think this quote shows that they don't like the idea of Peak coming along with them to the summit and they're taking it all out on Peak. I also suggest you read Blaise's blog. I think he did a great job with the summary.

Friday, November 8, 2013

That Many People?

Hello readers,
Recently I have read two more chapters of the book Peak. Peak had run into Captain Shek (Who is basically a problem to climbers on Everest) and Peak had lied to Captain Shek to save Sun-Jo.  When Zopa, Holly, Sun-Jo and Peak got to camp four, Peak's dad Josh, gave in a call that there were lots of people coming down the mountain because they were sick. Captain Shek had arrested Zopa and Josh got really angry.

I don't see why Captain Shek would arrest Zopa, what did Zopa do wrong? Why were there so many people sick? Don't climbers get to stay away from sick people so they don't get sick? Here's a quote from the book, "Just before dark five climbers (two Germans, three Italians) and their Sherpas stumbled into ABC looking like they had been buried alive." I think this quote shows these people are sick and there's a lot of them. I also suggest you read Zach's blog. I think Zach did a great  job of telling the summary.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

He's Zopa's Grandson?

Hello readers,
Recently I have read two more chapters of the book Peak. Peak, Peak's dad, Holly, Zopa and a few other people had a secret meeting and Holly blurted out that Sun-Jo was Zopa's grandson.  Peak's dad said that they should hide Sun-Jo with the porters because they don't want Sun-Jo to be chipping a boulder down in the middle of the road like the other Tibetan slaves.

I don't know why Sun-Jo didn't just tell Peak that he was Zopa's grandson. I don't think people should keep secrets from their friends, but I think friends should be able to forgive their friends for their mistakes.  Here's a quote from the book: "He pulled me to the side."I appreciate you standing up for me last night," he said. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Zopa" I think this quote shows that Sun-Jo wants Peak to forgive him. I also suggest  Izzy's Learning Den. Izzy is great at describing important characters of the book.

Earth's Resources: Plants

Hello readers. I am doing a science project from the East Dragon Den.
I learned that a conifer is a type of plant with needle-like leaves that uses cones to reproduce, an evergreen is a plant whose leaves or needles stay green during the winter and ferns are plants without flowers that use spores instead of seeds to reproduce and that grow in moist shady environments.  I also learned that a flower is a reproductive structure of a plant where fertilization takes place, a fruit is a plant structure that contains seeds and grows from a flowering plant and that a fuel is any material that can be used for energy. I also learned that omnivores are animals that eats plants as well as other animals, photosynthesis in the process when plants use sunlight to make food, a plant is an organism that is made of many cells, makes it's own food from photosynthesis and cannot move and that a seed is a plant structure that contains a young plant, food supply and protective coat. I learned that we use many resources including renewable resources and nonrenewable resources. we can run out of our natural resources if we are not careful, that is why we should conserve. I had to answer three essential questions:
1. Why do we consider plants and forests as renewable resources?   My answer:  We consider plants and trees renewable resources because we can grow back trees and plants.
2. What are some uses of harvested plants?  My answer: Some uses of harvested plants are clothing, food and shelter.
3. Why is conservation of trees and forests important?  My answer:  Conservation of trees and forests is important because if we don't conserve our trees and forests then we could lose all of our resources and die.
Here is a list of renewable resources:
  • freshwater
  • trees
  • plants
  • saltwater
  • clay 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How Can He Survive?

Hello readers,
Recently I have read the rest of Peak up to Moleskin #2.  So now that I'm in about the middle of the story, this is where it has gotten really interesting.  Peak has been climbing up the mountain trying to reach ABC (Advanced Base Camp). Holly was up the mountain with Zopa usually earlier than Peak because it was hard for her to climb.  Peak had a sore throat and it was extremely hard to talk for him. Sun-Jo got so sick he puked many times during the night.

I don't see how Peak was able to survive the climb.  If I was climbing Everest I would've already given up. Here's a quote:  "You don't look to well." he said "I don't feel to well." I croaked back. I think this quote shows that Peak knew he was sick and other people can tell by looks. I suggest you read Izzy's blog because I think she gave a great explanation of Zopa and Sun-Jo, some of the most important characters in this book.

Monday, November 4, 2013

She's Strange

Hello readers,
Recently I have read up to page 97 in the book Peak.  Peak has gotten himself up to base camp with Sun-Jo, Zopa and some Sherpas.  Peak's dad was expecting an annoying reporter named Holly, to come to the camp and climb to the summit.  All Peak's dad wanted from Holly was for her to shut up about Peak.

In the book Peak had said it was annoying to listen to her and he was glad when she started gasping for breath because then he could give his ears a break.  If her voice is really that bad and Peak's dad doesn't want her on the trip then she must really have a big mouth. Quote from the book:"I hadn't heard it in fifteen years, but I'd recognize it anywhere. Kind of like fingernails scraping on a chalkboard."   This shows that Josh doesn't really enjoy Holly's voice.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

What's Up With Zopa?

Hello readers,
Recently I just read a few more pages of the book Peak.  Peak was with his dad and Peak's dad had told him he was going to be staying at a hotel by himself until a guy named Zopa would pick Peak up from the hotel. When Zopa's helper Sun-Jo, came by to pick up Peak, Peak cleaned up everything in his hotel room and they both left the hotel on Sun-Jo's motorcycle.  They met Zopa at the temple and then had to leave again. When Sun-Jo and Peak arrived at the hotel again, Zopa was already there! Sun-Jo told Peak tat he would get used to it. After that Zopa, Peak and Sun-Jo went to get some climbing gear for Peak.

I think it's weird how Peak's dad would just leave him for Zopa to take care of.  Peak is his son.