Wednesday, October 9, 2013

These are Some Strange People

 In Divergent, Tris just got a simulation and in the simulation she got attacked by crows.  Then when she went back to the dormitory Peter as reading a news paper about the faction Abnegation from Erudite.  The Erudite and Abnegation are enemies and Abnegation is Tris' former faction.  Will had to pull Tris out of the room so he wouldn't attack anybody.

Why would somebody make fun of somebody else?  I think that's very rude. Tris seemed very mad when she tried to attack Molly.  Luckily, Will got her in time.

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  1. Briana,what did the paper say about Abnegation? Why do you think that the Erudite not like Abnegation,and why do they declare it so publicly?Can you tell me where you found this? I agree that telling lies about others is rude,but there is rudeness everywhere,and you are going to meet many unpleasant people in your life.