Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ready, Set, Debate

Dear readers,
              I just read the article "To Young To Run?" by Scholastic News.  This article discusses about how people disagree about if kids should run marathons or not.
              I believe kids are still healthy when they run the marathons. "Heather and Kaytlynn Welsch are regularly checked with their own doctors, who say they're in good health."(page 4) I also feel that kids have goals of running.  "Kaytlynn and Heather say their goal is to run in the Olympics one day." (page 4) My last reason is that some kids like to run.  "The Welsch sisters say it's unfair to criticize them, especially when many kids rarely exercise at all."(page 5)
              Some may argue that sometimes kids running marathons could be dangerous, I would tell them that many kids get healthier when they run. Some might also believe that some kids don't like to run, and I would say kid shouldn't be forced to run.  They may also say that some kids are pushing to far in running, but I would tell them that kids should try to met their goals and that includes challenging themselves to push more.
              All in all I think kids should be able to run in marathons.


  1. Briana,
    You've done a great job of using the text to support your ideas, but I wonder why you chose not to address your opposition at all.

  2. I was also looking for your soil 101 post, but didn't find it.

  3. I really liked how you put a whole bunch of details. I also liked how you said what page the evidence from the text was on. I do have one question though. What if kids get sick from the marathons?

  4. This is what I like about your pot is that you put great things that wanted me to keep on reading it. But, my question is Why should kids run marathons? So far I really like your post a lot great job on this post!

  5. I do believe that kids should be healthy and do sports and all that. But, I say that I don't really to run and I do it any way. If kids run for a long time like a marathon then if their heart is pumping to much then they can have a heartache. I think that kids should not be forced to run. But, what if something happened to that kid that was running a malathion?