Thursday, October 24, 2013

End Of Divergent

Dear readers,
Last night I read the last chapter of the book Divergent.  Tobias was in a simulation, but in fact he was Divergent and he was able to fight the simulation.  Now Tris is on her way to Amity headquarters with Tobias, Marcus (Tobias' father), Peter and Caleb (Tris' brother).

Why did it leave me hanging?  I don't know what happens next unless I read the next book.  I hope that I do get to read the next book.  I love that this book challenges me and makes me want to read more.  I love to read and I would suggest this book to people who like danger and suspense.

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  1. I came here looking for the post on your new book, Peak. Sadly, I see that it is not here. Please focus and get your work done.