Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ready, Set, Debate

Dear readers,
              I just read the article "To Young To Run?" by Scholastic News.  This article discusses about how people disagree about if kids should run marathons or not.
              I believe kids are still healthy when they run the marathons. "Heather and Kaytlynn Welsch are regularly checked with their own doctors, who say they're in good health."(page 4) I also feel that kids have goals of running.  "Kaytlynn and Heather say their goal is to run in the Olympics one day." (page 4) My last reason is that some kids like to run.  "The Welsch sisters say it's unfair to criticize them, especially when many kids rarely exercise at all."(page 5)
              Some may argue that sometimes kids running marathons could be dangerous, I would tell them that many kids get healthier when they run. Some might also believe that some kids don't like to run, and I would say kid shouldn't be forced to run.  They may also say that some kids are pushing to far in running, but I would tell them that kids should try to met their goals and that includes challenging themselves to push more.
              All in all I think kids should be able to run in marathons.

The New Book

Hello readers, on Monday I started to read a new book in key time called Peak.  Peak is about a boy named Peak who has parents who used to both be rock climbers, or rock rats.  Peak's mom had fallen and broke many bones so she had never climbed again. Peak's dad gave Peak the love to climb, but all Peak has in New York is skyscrapers to climb and so Peak did that.  Luckily, Peak was able to get out of court but he had to stay out of New York for three years and stay with his dad. Peak's dad is going to have Peak climb Everest.

I think it's a bit too much for Peak to climb skyscrapers, but Everest?! What will happen to Peak if he falls?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

End Of Divergent

Dear readers,
Last night I read the last chapter of the book Divergent.  Tobias was in a simulation, but in fact he was Divergent and he was able to fight the simulation.  Now Tris is on her way to Amity headquarters with Tobias, Marcus (Tobias' father), Peter and Caleb (Tris' brother).

Why did it leave me hanging?  I don't know what happens next unless I read the next book.  I hope that I do get to read the next book.  I love that this book challenges me and makes me want to read more.  I love to read and I would suggest this book to people who like danger and suspense.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Robotic Human Zombie Soldiers?!

Hello Readers,
Recently I just read chapter 32-34 of the book Divergent.  All the Dauntless had been injected with a special serum.  Eric had said the serum could locate you.  Eric had lied though, the serum took control of the Dauntless' minds.  The next morning all of the Dauntless were robotic human zombie soldiers working for the Erudite to kill all of the Abnegation, everyone accept Tris and Tobias.  Eric was jealous of Tobias so he wanted to make a joke of killing Tobias. Tris couldn't let him do that so she shot Eric's foot.  Tobias and Tris had to run away because they were found out.

I think it's strange that Erudite has to take over the Dauntless.  If they are so smart, why don't they think up something with their own minds instead of taking control of other people's minds?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Why Don't They Get Along?

Recently, I have read chapters 28-31 of the book Divergent.  Tris had gone to Erudite headquarters to talk to her brother Caleb.  Caleb seemed nervous and made it seem hard to speak to Tris.  After that Jeanine had a big talk with Tris and seemed like she was trying to do something to Tris.  Eric was waiting for Tris when she came back, he started yelling like he was mad because he was.  Tobias had come in and he took Tris away from Eric.  Tris and Tobias went over to the Erudite headquarters and they talked alone. Tobias was suspicious that Erudite were planning war on Abnegation and they would be using Dauntless to help them.

I wonder why Erudite and Abnegation don't get along.  They're in the same city, so why not?

Why is He Acting Like This?

In chapter 26 and 27 of Divergent,  Tris and Tobias (Four) went down by the chasm and had a small talk.  Tobias kissed Tris two times.  The next morning Tris couldn't help but smile, but after going through one of Lauren's (Dauntless born initiates instructor) fears in her fear landscape, Tris gets humiliated by Tobias and she slapped him very hard.

I wonder if Tobias was trying to help Tris or to just make fun of her.  When Tris slapped Tobias, I wonder what he felt like.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Every Soul a Star

Dear Readers,

I recently finished the book, Every Soul a Star, by Wendy Mass.  Every Soul a Star is about three teenagers who unexpectedly met each other and become great friends.  Ally loves nature and she has to move to the city instead of staying at the campground that her family owns. Bree is popular and beautiful but when she has to move to a campground she'll be missing out on things with her friend.  Jack is overweight, likes to draw in the back of the classroom and has to go on a camping trip with his science teacher, Mr. Silver for two weeks to get out of summer school.  I would recommend this book to anybody who likes books with stories that all connect and go from the different characters points of views. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why Can Tris Handle it and Four Not?

In Chapter twenty- five Tris went through Four's fear landscape with Four. Four seemed to be freaking out a lot but Tris was able to help him through without herself freaking out. Four has four fears so that's why they call him Four.  Tris found out that Four's real name was Tobias and that he was from Abnegation just like Tris.

Why does Tris just do Four's fear landscape calmly? Four had four fears but how many fears does Tris have?

He Seems so Serious

In chapter 24 of the book Divergent Tris found out that Al had throne himself over the chasm and had killed himself. Tris wanted to be alone so she went over to the drinking fountain to get a drink. Four found her over there and together they had a serious talk about how the leaders are after Tris because they think she's Divergent.

I wonder why Four would know it's bad for her to be Divergent why would Four care at all?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

This Was Very Scary

Recently I have read chapter 21 of Divergent.  Tris got first ranking for stage two of initiation and before, the last person who got first ranking in stage one, got attacked. Sure enough Tris got attacked by three people, Al, Peter and Drew.  Luckily Tris got saved by Four.

I think it's strange that Al would attack Tris.  Before in the book Al told Tris he liked her.  He seemed kindhearted, like he would never hurt anybody.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How Does He Know?

Recently I just read chapter 20 of the book Divergent and Tris had a simulation. In the simulation Tris broke the glass which then showed that she is Divergent.  After a talk with Four,  Tris went to see Tori to ask her about why being Divergent is dangerous.  Tori told all she knew then left.

I think it's strange that Four knew that breaking the glass was an act of being Divergent. How could it be?  How did Four know? Was he Divergent?

These are Some Strange People

 In Divergent, Tris just got a simulation and in the simulation she got attacked by crows.  Then when she went back to the dormitory Peter as reading a news paper about the faction Abnegation from Erudite.  The Erudite and Abnegation are enemies and Abnegation is Tris' former faction.  Will had to pull Tris out of the room so he wouldn't attack anybody.

Why would somebody make fun of somebody else?  I think that's very rude. Tris seemed very mad when she tried to attack Molly.  Luckily, Will got her in time.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Some of These People are Crazy!

Just recently I read chapter 17 of Divergent and before somebody had stabbed Edward in the eye.  Everyone seemed depressed that Edward and Myra left because it was such a horrible event.  Tris wanted to get her mind off of it, so she went with the Dauntless-born initiates and climbed up to the roof of a building and zip-lined down super fast to the ground.

I seriously think some of these people are crazy.  Why would somebody stab somebody else in the eye?  Maybe it was jealousy.  The zip line seems crazy to though.  The people in this book are extremely Dauntless.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Factionless

A faction is a group of people who act the same, where the same clothes and  do the same things.  But sometimes people are factionless.   The factionless people are people who don't have a faction.  they live on the streets and they don't have jobs.  Their main jobs are cleaning up the streets and doing that kind of thing.  I think I'd rather be dead than factionless.  Even though Tris is suffering in Dauntless I think The factionless are suffering more.