Tuesday, September 3, 2013


1. In the plan I like that we are all split up into different groups that are reading at about the same level.
2. So far in the book Beatrice is taking a test to see what faction she will belong to. Her brother had taken the test before her and when he had come back after he was finished, he was all pale and white. So I think when Beatrice is done taking the test she will be as scared as her brother looked.
3. I like this book because it shows of how Beatrice's life is in her faction and show how hard it is to choose.
4. I like that the author made me cling onto the book to make me want to read more, the author made the story intense and I just kept wanting to read more.

Here's a quote from the book, " My gaze drifts from Susan to the dauntless table."

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