Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What I Think About the Book Divergent

Tris, the main character has just been in a fight with Peter and she lost.  She's having a hard time in the faction she chose.  But, she is also divergent which is supposedly dangerous.  Tris has to make different decisions then she did in Abnegation. Divergent means that you are a mix of factions, but I don't know how it is dangerous.

I think she's still more beat up from the fight then she thinks.  Here's a quote from the book, " I unbutton my shirt and stare at my bare side,which is patched with bruises."I think this book is great at describing the character's feeling and what she's doing.  Al, Will, Christina and Tris seem to act together almost as if their friends. Please comment!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Summary of What I've Read So Far

So far Tris has not been in a fight yet but, today she has to fight with Peter.  When Tris was in the arena Tris got beat up a lot.  Tris had a black eye and lots of other bad things that happened to her.  The next thing Tris knew she was by the nurse's room with all of her friends starring at her.  Christina was holding an ice pack to her jaw and it was almost dinner time.

The author did great telling how it happened and used the senses to describe how Tris felt.  It must have hurt to be beat up.  She seems to be almost weak compared to most of the other transfers. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Would Suggest This Blogger Too

Today I read Zach's post and it's about the book Divergent.   I thought something familiar when he said the book was thick and probably going to take a while reading the whole book.

Here's a quote from the book,  " No, she doesn't" Al says " She did what you said.  She's not a coward. She did what you said." I chose this quote because it shows this person has feelings for this other person and he's soft hearted.  He seems to not like to see people get hurt.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Divergent Summary

I think this book is great so far. The main character's name is Beatrice and she has changed her faction an moved to Dauntless.  When Beatrice moved to Dauntless she also changed her name to Tris.  Tris also had a tour of where the Dauntless live.  After that she went to dinner and sat with her new friend and sat with one of the leaders named Four.  Then Tris had some training for Dauntless.  She had to fight and shoot a gun at a target.  After that when everybody had a break, Tris went to go get a tattoo of three flying birds.

I think this book would be good for people who like an adventure and who like funny parts.  I think the author did great on  making you want to read on. I really don't know how I would change the book. This book is already one of my favorites and I can't wait to read on. Thanks for reading!

Here's a quote from the book, " I am selfish, I am brave."

Sunday, September 8, 2013

FQR (fact, question, response)

I noticed that each faction in the book has different actions and traits. Every person in one faction wears the same color clothes, wears there clothes the same way and sometimes have the same culture.  I wonder why each person in a faction has to do things the same as everybody else in their factions.   I believe I would fit in with amity.

Here's a quote from the book, " The tests don't have to change our choices."

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


1. In the plan I like that we are all split up into different groups that are reading at about the same level.
2. So far in the book Beatrice is taking a test to see what faction she will belong to. Her brother had taken the test before her and when he had come back after he was finished, he was all pale and white. So I think when Beatrice is done taking the test she will be as scared as her brother looked.
3. I like this book because it shows of how Beatrice's life is in her faction and show how hard it is to choose.
4. I like that the author made me cling onto the book to make me want to read more, the author made the story intense and I just kept wanting to read more.

Here's a quote from the book, " My gaze drifts from Susan to the dauntless table."